Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Umm, really?

Since when do charitable organizations decide your donations aren't worthy of taking? We (meaning my mother) are in the process of getting new furniture for our living room because having a cloth sofa is simply impossible when you have three canines who shed all the time. Long story short, she decided to donate our 1) sofa, 2) older vacuum cleaner (that still works really well and was VERY expensive when purchased), 3) arm chair, 4) set of dining room chairs, and 5) two bathroom vanity mirrors to the Habitat for Humanity re-store. We put it in plain sight of the road as they asked us to since neither of us were able to be home when they came yesterday. She worked until 6, I worked and had class until 6:45, we met for dinner... eventually we got home around 8:15, when it was almost completely dark outside. I pulled into the driveway first, and got the sickest feeling when my headlights hit the pile of furniture still. sitting. in. our. driveway. We thought perhaps the pickup day had been changed. Until I found the donation receipt taped to our back door... So not only did they NOT pick anything up, but they left a receipt implying they had so that WE could commit tax fraud. Thank you, reputable charity.

So I called this morning to ask what happened. I was told they "didn't find anything that [they] could accept to sell in the store." Now, I'm the daughter of a woman who loves restored furniture and doing it herself - so I KNOW what kind of things find their way to the re-store. I know that our (high-quality) donations would easily have sold, even though they may have needed a little restoring. Is that not what most of the materials there need? Our sofa could have been reupholstered (I mean, it is a few years old, but we used it until a week ago) but was still structurally fine... the only reason we didn't keep it was because we decided we needed leather with the canines and we couldn't exactly justify reupholstering it with leather. The chairs could have had new fabric on the seats and been very cute. I would've kept them for myself if I didn't already have too much furniture in storage.

Dear Habitat for Humanity Re-Store in Augusta, GA,
You have hurt my feelings. I hope Goodwill appreciates our donations more, both now and in the future.
Miss Preppy in Pearls

It's sad to me that when trying to do a good thing and help an organization such as this that you can be turned away.

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  1. WOW. In this economy, especially, you would think they would be more grateful.