Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Teacher Clothes?

As I may have mentioned, I'm closing in on college graduation. I am a Political Science/ Secondary Education major and this semester is the first of three with serious in-school lab hours. The third semester (Fall 2010) is my LAST semester of college as well as my apprenticeship semester, which is what most people think of when they think of student teachers. Anyway, I am going to a rural school this semester for 90 lab hours, in addition to my other 12 hours of class AND work this semester (I'm actually taking an 18 hour schedule this semester but we don't have our Education classes during the lab window) and I'm trying to figure out what to wear. I've ordered A LOT of new dresses (like... 8... in addition to the 50+ already living in the closet in my guest bedroom), thanks to eBay. When Mr. Preppy and I went to Charleston about a month ago I scored big at the GAP and Banana Republic outlets (not to mention it was the Get and Give or Give and Get weekend so I got an extra 30% off everything!). At GAP I got a red jersey dress and two pairs of semi-casual pants, one in dark khaki and the other in navy which will both be good on casual Fridays. At Banana Republic I got a royal blue shift dress and three pairs of pants (one basic black, one light grey, one medium grey plaid-ish) and two tops. I've ordered another top as well, so we'll see how everything goes together when it all gets here.

I've been told by my professor that any dresses must be knee-length (check) and we have to wear pantyhose/tights underneath. I don't know the last time I owned a pair of pantyhose or tights, so I'm going to need some advice. I live in GEORGIA, so it's as hot as the surface of the sun well into October. What kinds are the best to purchase? Do people still wear nude colored ones, and if so, do they still look as bad? Is it weird to wear sheer black now, and if so, is solid black going to look odd? I'm so out of touch with this particular undergarment. I just realized that doesn't sound very classy, but I generally stick to pants in the winter and it's simply too hot the other 11 1/2 months of the year. ;)

I'll take and post pictures of all the dresses when they get here. Any other advice will be greatly appreciated!!


  1. Panty hose should only be worn when absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, sometimes they are. So, Victoria's Secret is always a great choice for the sexy/classy thigh highs. And yes, we do still wear nude.

  2. Gracias ex-roomie of mine... I bought like a dozen pairs of pantyhose/tights... we'll see how that goes.