Sunday, September 20, 2009

Student Teaching Preview

So the last dress didn't make it in yesterday, but since I have a busy week (homework, class, more homework, class, student teaching an hour away, work at some point, 2 tests, a presentation), I am going to save my dress post for later in the week. I will, however, preview my outfit for tomorrow. I was originally going to wear a black beaded necklace but I think it kind of overwhelmed the shirt. Please forgive the un-made bed, the only full length mirror in our house is not in my room. :)

This is without the flash. The purple is really more vibrant, like in this next picture:

Top and pants, both Banana Republic. Black heels will most likely be Nine West since my Cole Haan's haven't arrived yet.

I think this is a good outfit because it's not too boring, but it isn't form-fitting and a distraction. Both the pants and the top are super-comfortable (hoping my shoes don't kill me tomorrow, I'm used to wearing my New Balances, Shox, or Rainbows all day, every day!). Plus, the total cost of my outfit is less than $50 for the top, pants, and shoes.

**Bargains from this weekend:
-Purple and Black RL Polo Cable Long Sleeve Sweaters ($29.99 each, thanks Marshall's)
-Light Tan Lauren RL Heels ($18.99 in the discount store I HATE but thankfully was dragged to... Ross)
-Black Bandolino Heels ($10.00 at Marshall's)
-Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Shakers ($7.00 at Marshall's, for Mama's Christmas)
-Eiffel Tower Stone Coasters ($4.99 at Marshall's, for Mama's Christmas)
-Fleur de Lis Wine Collar ($2.99 at Marshall's, for Mama's Christmas)
-Presents for my Preppies' Christmas and Birthday presents... pity I can't share them with my readers because my loves do read the blog


  1. Love that outfit! Looks like you got some awesome bargains!

  2. Love that top. Fabulous color. Way to go with thee bargain hunting. It always gives me a super sweet high when I score deals!