Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some Accomplishments

Brief for Con Law
Flashcards/ Study for Con Law
•Reading for US Congress - I have a 2 1/2 hour break between classes when I can read this tomorrow and actually have a hope of understanding it.
•Reflection for Education Class - I realized this isn't due for another week, so I decided not to worry about it quite yet. It is only a 250 word article critique.
Print GA Educator Code of Ethics - You can be convicted of assault, DUI, and CHILD ABANDONMENT and not have to report it when you apply to teach CHILDREN, but you have to tell someone if you’ve ever written a bad check… hmm. This seems more appropriate for administrators than teachers.
Print Global Policy LectureBy the way, this “lecture” is just an article on the healthcare issue. How it applies to Global Policy (which, per the syllabus, is US Policy on Iran, Separatist Movements, Darfur, etc.), I will never understand. Nor will I understand how this professor can correct my grammar when his email subject was, not kidding, “helth care articl”
•Finish Beauty Routine post
Clean my bedroom
Laundry - I’m not quite half finished with laundry. I’m too tired and achy to try to fold clothes tonight.

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