Saturday, September 12, 2009


Before I leave (in however long since I only got up about twenty minutes ago, you see where my priorities are), I wanted to show you some incredibly adorable ornaments (yes, ornaments. I LIVE for the Christmas season.). I have been collecting the Hallmark Gone with the Wind ornaments since the first year, there are a couple I don't have but I'm working on those. I've been collecting Hallmark ornaments in general since before I was born... my grandmother worked a Hallmark store and always got everyone a huge shopping bag full or ornaments at Thanksgiving, and then gave more after Christmas. After she passed away Mama and Daddy volunteered our house to separate those she had in storage among all the children and grandchildren and they covered every surface of the first floor in our 3000 square foot house (and the second floor only had two bedrooms and a bathroom, so just think about how many stinkin' ornaments that is!). Mama loves Christmas (more so because it's also my birthday) so we are always fully decorated by the end of Thanksgiving weekend... but that's another story for another post. I'm here to show you ORNAMENTS!

Here is the link to this adorable ornament. There's a button you press to hear the infamous "Frankly, my dear..." line. It's $24.00 and apparently (they may have always done this but if so I'm out of the loop), Hallmark has layaway. I'm taking advantage of this with other ornaments because 1) they are going to be presents and I don't want them seen, 2) I don't even have our Christmas things close to being out yet so I don't want to misplace them, and 3) I want to make sure I get all the ones I want so I'm shopping early.

I saw another Gone with the Wind ornament in the store a few weeks ago, but it's not listed online. As soon as I can get a pic I'll put it up.

Who doesn't love "A Christmas Story?" I keep the 24-hour marathon on TBS on in the background for almost all of Christmas. This ornament also has dialogue from the movie. You can buy it or see it closer here. It is $16.50.

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