Friday, September 11, 2009

Birthday Celebrations!

Tonight I'm going out for sushi with 9 other girls for Polka Dot Preppy's birthday, then to one of our favorite spots for a Journey cover band (Polka Dot Preppy, Palmetto Preppy, and I go waaay back with our Journey obsession). I can only stay for a little while since I have to drive to my condo that's two hours away (yes, try paying a mortgage on a residence that you haven't lived in in over a year with no rental income... it's fabulous) first thing in the morning because I have a potential buyer! I still have to pack up all of my kitchen (I moved back home so I didn't have a reason to do that yet) and some other small pieces of furniture. The big pieces (my bedroom set, a computer armoire, an entertainment center, and my dining room furniture) will have to wait until Mr. Preppy can go and help me load things. Sadly, Pensecola Preppy will not be in town for me to see her tomorrow because she'll be at a student government retreat all weekend.

I'm very excited to give Polka Dot Preppy her gift... I feel like I have yearly themes for gifts because I've given the same type of present for her graduation, my co-worker's graduation, Mother's Day, and my mama's birthday. I'm a big fan of gift-giving. I like receiving things (what girl doesn't?), but I LOVE LOVE giving gifts. I usually can't wait until the actual day (birthday, Christmas, whatever) to give someone their present, so I'm very happy I've managed to wait this long.

I probably won't post again until Sunday since I'll be out of town until late tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

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