Thursday, July 16, 2009

Buy and Read this Immediately!

Oh, this book had my rolling on the floor (with it sucked in of course). When I saw it while shopping with my mother I pointed it out and we both left with our own copies. We just couldn't wait for the other to be finished! I love, love, love Shellie Rushing Tomlison's way of writing and can see my mother/ grandmothers/ aunts in every chapter, not to mention the recipes that conclude each chapter! I'm officially a fan. Her website, All Things Southern can be found at, and her blog is I'm buying a copy for Mr. Preppy's mom so that she can share in the entertainment (and recipes... she's all for buying the groceries so I can cook for her!). I think I had a predisposition to like this book because a) it's about Southerners, and b) I have a pair of heels exactly like the shoes the model on the cover is wearing (true Zetas wear turquoise somewhere every day y'all!). Yes, y'all, I'm a shoe addict, we know. 100+ pairs and counting...

More updates soon... I'm busy scouring the ATS (as those in the know call it, lol) website for recipes to try. You know me, always aspiring to be a good Southern girl.

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  1. I'm touched by this post, Miss Preppy- touched and honored. So glad you enjoyed the book!!!! You sound like a really awesome belle. :)