Friday, June 5, 2009

Beach Bound

Miss Preppy in Pearls and Polka Dot Preppy are heading to the beach (along with another Preppy, yet to be named, and possibly Palmetto Preppy) for a girls' weekend. And the forecast is showing 60% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow (our day for laying on the beach doing nothing but drinking beer vodka and cranberry juice bottle water) and a 40% chance of thunderstorms on Sunday (our day for shopping and driving home). Who gets to drive in this monsoon? You guessed it, Miss Preppy in Pearls. My larger than life SUV (that I never needed but really really wanted when my mother was buying me a new car, shhh, please don't tell her -- hey, we have dogs, dogs = children, I think I really did need it) will be navigating back roads covered in water and God knows what else (We're talking towns so small they literally are not on the map. I know, I've heard of them, and was even in one of them last weekend, and I cannot find it anywhere on the route outlined by both GoogleMaps and MapQuest... so the possiblity of livestock waste, mud, and other miracles of the country washing into the road are quite possible.). Thank God for a hotel right on the beach with not one but two restaurants plus a separate bar.

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