Friday, June 26, 2009

Girls' Nights

Last night the girls (Miss Preppy in Pearls, Palmetto Preppy, Polka Dot Preppy, and two others) attended a baseball game where we proceeded to melt because of the heat. On the upside we had fabulous seats on the 3rd base line. Before the game, Polka Dot Preppy completely scared me almost to death by answering her phone "I have to call you back. I just got in a wreck."

She TOTALLED her car. She's fine (obviously since she still went to the baseball game), but she only had liability and the girl whose bumper she tapped (and left a tiny, quarter sized scratch on) insisted on being taken to the hospital on a stretcher. Seriously? I hate people who try to live off others.

Anyway, we are all headed out again tonight for Girls' Night Numero Dos for a night of dancing. Mr. Preppy insisted on being the one to pick me up (since he's positive I'm going to have a drink) so we'll see how that goes.

On a related, ahd happier, note, only 8 more minutes until the office clock says I can go home.

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